Medical Displays & Monitors from Double Black Imaging

We are proud to be the largest medical display supplier and calibration software developer who create 100% of our software and perform 100% display system integration in the USA.

Our team has a renowned history of providing the industry’s finest customer service, continually acknowledged by thousands of Radiologists and IT Professionals who put their trust in us every day.

We are dedicated to developing innovative imaging solutions that greatly improve image quality and stability. Making imaging more efficient and reducing healthcare costs are the cornerstones of what DBI stands for.

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Our comprehensive Service Programs

With over 30 years of experience in Medical Imaging, Double Black Imaging (DBI) has been dedicated to building long term relationships by providing the world's finest hospital grade monitor models and imaging components at competitive prices.
We have the insight and experience needed to help you improve patient care and are committed to supporting our products with exceptional customer service.

Looking for more information about Double Black Imaging or our products ?

“QC/QA allowed us to determine whether we were in conformance and was a great tool to assist with asset management.”

“I love working with them!  They deliver quality products that they stand by.”

“Excellent teamwork during the install.  They went above and beyond to meet our timeline.”

“Most companies forget who are once the check is cashed.  They provide excellent technical assistance and are always there for us.”

“Just wanted to let you know that the staff at DBI have been an enormous help to us in resolving monitor issues, and we very much appreciate doing business with you. Thank

“Thank you so much you and your company are amazing at the turn around a speed in which you guys take care of your customers.”

“More than just a vendor, Double Black Imaging has been a reliable partner to us over the past seven years. DBI has helped us to implement and to maintain 30+ remote diagnostic workstations which allows us to perform 24/7/365 final reads without interruption. They understand the nature of the business; evenings and weekends don’t scare them! Their customer service is superior.
Double Black does what it takes to resolve any issues or to help answer any questions that we do have.”

“If I was dealing w/ one of the large corporate companies I probably wouldn’t have expected a reply for a couple of days.  Great to see that I have some instant support. That is definitely
one of the factors in our decision. That’s why you are so successful… guys are doing things right out there in Colorado! Another happy customer!”

Our experience with Double Black Imaging and WIDE monitors in our enterprise has been excellent.  The product selection and quality has been great to fulfill our needs Technical support has been excellent from Double Black imaging X-CAL® can be run from a server if you have a multi-hospital enterprise as we do and can save the PACS administrator a lot of time.

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