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The MRI Monitor Designed for Use in Magnetic Resonance Environments


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We offer two MR Safe fMRI monitors that provide a 2.3-megapixel color LED backlit display. This is the only medical display among our other radiology monitors for sale that is fMRI compatible. This is the only fMRI Compatible, MR Safe display with lag free output and no interference with the scanner even when positioned at the exit of the bore.

We offer two different sizes of displays to meet the needs of varying space constraints and bore sizes. These include a 24-inch and a 32-inch display.

Exceptional spatial uniformity of 2% over the central 75%, ultra high brightness of 1000 cd/m2, and a contrast ratio of 1000:1, this medical display provides outstanding image quality within the MR Suite.

When to Use the Display
The MRSAFE monitor is categorized as an MRI compatible monitor in accordance with ASTM requirements. The medical display has no observed effect on structural or functional MRI scans, even if the screen is located at the exit of the scanner bore, there is no effect on the displayed image.

There is automatic backlight compensation, the light output is synchronous to the input video signal, and there is spatial uniformity at 2% over Central 75%. The MRI monitor can be used in a variety of settings, allowing you to view MRI scans more effectively and with greater clarity.

Why shop with Double Black Imaging?
Image quality and patient safety are of the utmost importance in any healthcare facility. At Double Black Imaging, we want to provide you with the best medical imaging technology for increased diagnostic confidence and patient care.

At Double Black Imaging, we pride ourselves on offering medical imaging technology that pushes the boundaries of modern medicine. We understand the challenges that face diagnostic technicians, doctors, and nurses, and are excited to provide premier medical display monitors.

Double Black Imaging offers the most advanced medical displays on the market; few other companies can offer such advanced MRI Monitors with an unparalleled reputation for customer service. We are dedicated to developing innovative imaging solutions that greatly improve image quality and stability among medical imaging displays.

Learn more about MRSAFE displays and other radiology monitors for sale at Double Black Imaging and enhance your diagnostic capabilities.

Double Black Imaging offers a wide variety of diagnostic imaging monitors that serve the need of any practice or enterprise and work on virtually any PACS.

DBI’s medical diagnostic displays, PACS in the OR Display, and Patient monitoring displays are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements for diagnostic imaging while also providing options for DICOM calibrated displays outside the reading room.   Double Black Imaging and Image Systems diagnostic imaging monitors and large format Gemini Displays provide ultra-high brightness and contrast, front sensors for Automatic DICOM 3.14 calibration, and increased screen size.

Our Image Systems line of medical diagnostic displays range in resolution from one to eight megapixels, include both color and monochrome options, and also includes large format displays that eliminate the gap between screens in a multi-head display configuration.   All diagnostic imaging monitors come with our proprietary Calibration Feedback System (CFS) software which ensures that Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) calibration standards are met. Other productivity tools built into the CFS software to optimize the utility of the imaging display by medical professionals are:

  • PinPoint – enables the user to zoom in and focus on key areas of interest
  • AutoDim – helps to reduce eye strain from bright neighboring monitors as well as minimizes distractions
  • Cursor Genie – prevents the user’s cursor from getting stuck in corners of a display thereby saving time and minimizing distractions
  • Cursor Wrap – reduces hand strain by allowing the user to quickly move between screens in a multi-display environment
  • Cursor Locator – allows the user to rapidly locate the cursor and return to work quickly without frustration

The Image Systems products that we offer at Double Black Imaging boast multi-modality use, work with virtually any PACS, and encompass a wide range of diagnostic capabilities.

Image Systems Gemini 8MP
The Gemini 8MP joins a line of medical diagnostic LED displays and is designed to enhance screen resolution and reduce the gap between screens in multi-head configurations.   The Gemini 8MP display has built-in front sensors for hands-free automatic DICOM 3.14 calibration and a backlight sensor to maintain stability over time, as well as ambient light sensors. Using CFS Calibration software, all Image System PACS Monitors displays can auto-generate reports and send non-conformance alerts across the internet.

The ability to use digital mammography and digital breast Tomosynthesis, as well as general diagnostic imaging, is what puts the 8MP in a league of its own.

Image Systems N-series
There are six Image displays that comprise the N-series line of medical diagnostic displays:

  • 2MP color diagnostic display (C2MPN)
  • 3MP color diagnostic display (C3MPN)
  • 5MP color diagnostic display (C5MPN)
  • 3MP grayscale diagnostic display (M3MPN)
  • 5MP grayscale diagnostic display (M5MPN)
  • 5MP grayscale diagnostic display (M5MPNT)

Each display features an IPS technology LCD panel, LED backlight technology, private light for added ambient lighting, and four sensors – front, backlight, ambient light, and temperature. In addition, each 5MP display supports multi-modality PACS use, as well as digital breast imaging for mammography as well as digital breast tomosynthesis exams.

Image Systems FP4203 
The Image systems FP4203 is a large format LED backlit display designed specially to bring PACS into the Operating Room environment.  This is a 42-inch LCD display certified to EN/UL 60601 safety requirements for patient vicinity use. It has an acrylic protective panel sealed into the bezel which protects the display. The panel also has an anti-reflection surface that limits the glare of bright operating room lights. It utilizes full 1920 × 1080 HD resolution (2MP) to provide bright, clear images.

Image Systems GOV950AM / RAP950AM-ERDR / ROM550AM

These are medically certified, UL/CSA 60950-1, UL/CSA 60601-1, CE, FCC-B color patient monitoring LCDs specifically designed to meet evolving patient needs in a fast-paced medical environment. The GOV950AM and RAP950AM-ERDR are 19-inch displays while the ROM550AM is a 15-inch display. These displays can be customized with features such as embedded protective shields or touch screens.

Double Black Imaging offers the most advanced medical diagnostic displays on the market; few other companies can offer such advanced technology with an unparalleled reputation for customer service. We are dedicated to developing innovative imaging solutions that greatly improve image quality and stability among diagnostic imaging monitors.  Making imaging more efficient and reducing healthcare costs are the cornerstones of what DBI stands for.  Contact us today for more information about how we can best meet your needs.

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