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It’s understood that technologies used in the healthcare industry contribute to saving lives, but the best technologies also contribute to advancements across a broad spectrum of industries and governmental entities.

Combining NDT Displays, from Double Black Imaging, with advanced testing technologies enhances safety efforts throughout those industries in addition to governmental agencies.

From the blackest blacks to the whitest whites, Double Black Imaging’s non destructive testing equipment provides accurate visual displays for whatever type of nondestructive testing your company or agency requires. Double Black Imaging’s LED color monitors also provide crisp colors to match any testing systems.

NDT Methods

While hundreds of NDT methods and types of non destructive testing equipment have been developed to serve various industries, the most common types are:
• Radiographic Testing: X-ray testing that can show internal features of an object.
• Penetrant Testing: Liquid testing of surfaces can find hidden cracks and fissures.
• Ultrasonic Testing: High-frequency sound waves can determine material thickness and composition.
• Magnetic Particle Testing: In testing ferromagnetic materials, magnetic testing can locate surface and subsurface flaws.
• Eddy Current Testing: Uses alternating electrical currents to detect flaws in conductive materials, such as metals.
Getting the most accurate readings from any of these methods of NDT is the most important component of protecting human safety.

Uses of NDT

There is a wide variety of uses for NDT testing equipment across various industries. Some of the most important uses of NDT:
Transportation: From roads and bridges, to railways to airplanes, every type of transportation industry and government entity relies on extensive use of non destructive testing equipment to ensure travelers are safe. Automobile parts must be tested. Train wheels and components along with tracks undergo repeated testing. Airplane engines, fuselages and wings also undergo testing at government-designated intervals.
Manufacturing: From tankers to toys, nearly every manufactured product must be tested to ensure consumer safety, along with all the components and machinery involved in the manufacturing process.
Oil and Gas: Pipelines, ships, trucks, storage tanks – you name it, everything in the oil and gas industry undergoes constant testing to maintain integrity and to avoid catastrophic situations.
Energy and Power: From poles to lines to generating facilities, NDT testing and equipment is a constant component of our electrical grid.
Aerospace and Defense: Whether we send people into space or battle, lives depend on NDT testing to measure the quality of the equipment. Non destructive testing equipment guarantees precision in the tools and technology, and the sharpness is essential for safety and success.

How Double Black Imaging’s NDT Displays Help

Double Black Imaging offers NDT Displays that can enhance NDT testing in all these industries, whatever their preferred methods.

Our monochrome LED displays are available in 2 megapixel, 3 megapixel and 5 megapixel displays. All feature high bright monochrome LED backlit LCD with retractable front sensors for automatic gray level and luminance calibration.

Our color LED displays are available in 2 megapixel and 3 megapixel displays. Both also feature high bright color LED backlit LCD with retractable front sensors for automatic gray level and luminance calibration.

All of our non destructive testing equipment displays come with X-CAL® Client and Remote Administration DICOM Auto-Calibration Software, so all workstations can be configured for auto-calibration without network software. The software also allows an administrator to monitor all displays within an organization and receive alerts if any unit slips out of calibration.

Double Black Imaging also provides installation, training and support for your non destructive testing equipment and calibration software . Our technicians will install your workstations, install video card drivers and the calibration software, and calibrate each unit. We also train staff step by step as we conduct the installation and configuration process.
If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of Double Black Imaging’s NDT Displays or would like to request an on-site demonstration, contact us today.

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