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The quality of a display monitor is an important factor in the determination of how quickly as well as accurately a diagnostic image is read and interpreted by the healthcare provider or other relevant parties involved in the care of a patient. When the display monitor is of a high quality, abnormalities can be easily detected such that diagnoses can be quickly made. In contrast, a poor-quality display monitor may hamper the ability of the healthcare provider in reading and interpreting diagnostic images which may result in a delay in making a diagnosis or a missed diagnosis.

The quality of a display screen is also important in other departments within a healthcare facility outside of radiology such as operating rooms, emergency rooms, and in the education department. Bold, high-quality images enhance the ability of the healthcare worker to easily visualize information pertinent to the fulfillment of his or her tasks.

At Double Black Imaging, we pride ourselves on offering the best medical monitor computer peripherals that enhance the capabilities of everyone who uses our products. Having been in the market for over fifteen years, we are second to none in the development of premium medical monitors & radiology workstations to meet the needs of your healthcare facility.
In addition to our local products, we also offer products from our trusted partners who adhere to the same high technological standards that we do with our own products. We promise to never offer any product that is less than the best at Double Black Imaging.

As a reflection of our promise and commitment to you, below are full descriptions of our premium medical displays as well as other medical monitor computer peripherals including the HP Z Series Radiology workstations.

Professional Displays

Our professional LCD monitors stand out from others in the professional large-format monitor market. We offer different computer peripherals & LCD monitor sizes with our smallest being 42 inches and our largest 60 inches to accommodate the unique needs of the various departments within your healthcare facility. All our LCD monitors have a 1920 X 1980 HDTV screen resolution, guaranteeing that all your images will be sharp and crisp.

Our monitors have a fan-less design, one of the several reasons behind its superior reliability. They were further designed to be compatible with either portrait or landscape mode viewing, depending on your preferences and the arrangement of your computer peripherals. Additional specifications of our LCD monitors include a fast response time of 8-9ms and horizontal as well as vertical viewing angles between 176 to 178 degrees. Optional accessories include a calibration kit, graphics controller (PCIe x16, PCI or PCIx), and protective panel.

HP Z Workstation

The HP Z Series Workstations offer maximal performance to suit the different needs of your healthcare facility. These workstations are highly reliable, easily serviced, and securely maintain your data. Depending on the needs of your healthcare facility, you can choose the HP Z240, HP Z440, HP Z640, or HP Z840 workstations. These radiology workstations can optimize your productivity in executing your tasks.

At Double Black Imaging, we believe in putting the satisfaction of our customers front and center by providing premium computer peripherals & quality medical displays. We are dedicated to building durable customer relationships by listening and being highly responsive. Contact us for more information about how we can best serve you.

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