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Regardless of the needs of your practice or enterprise, Double Black Imaging offers an expansive variety of medical grade computer monitors that work on nearly all PACS medical imaging systems.

Double Black Imaging and Image Systems PACS monitors and large format Gemini Displays provide ultra-high contrast and brightness, Automatic DICOM 3.14 calibration through adjusting front sensors, and a larger, more efficient screen size. DBI’s PACS Monitors and clinical review displays are FDA approved radiology monitors that are specifically designed to meet diagnostic imaging requirements while providing solutions for DICOM calibrated displays outside the reading room.

Our color and monochrome PACS monitors range in resolution from one to eight megapixels, and the PACS imaging workstations eliminate the gap between screens with large format displays arranged in a multi-head display configuration.  In addition, all of Double Black Imaging’s PACS monitors come bundled with a comprehensive software suite which makes them easy to configure and remotely manageable via network. To ensure the performance of your medical review monitor’s capabilities, this calibration suite also includes a generous five-year warranty and customer support available via phone or with remote support.

Display Options

The rise of digital imaging technology has quickly changed the way in which patient data is used and distributed within hospitals. Medical images, enriched with patient information, are being shared and reviewed beyond the PACS medical imaging System, becoming available in every hospital department.

DBI’s clinical review monitors and radiology LCDs are specially designed for versatile clinical healthcare applications in this hospital-wide network of electronic medical records.  Outperforming their commercial counterparts, these medical grade LCD computer monitors have higher brightness levels, better contrast ratios, backlight sensors for stable luminance control, and DICOM 3.14 compliance.  Backed by an industry-leading warranty and service program, the DBI Clinical review LCD line includes 20”-27”, 2MP – 8MP options, and these, paired with a custom radiology workstation, are the perfect fit for all your clinical imaging requirements.

Double Black Imaging’s and Image Systems PACS monitor family includes 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, 6MP, and 8MP LED backlit displays. Many of these radiology LCD monitors offer color or monochrome options.

The Image Systems line of Gemini Series 4MP, 6MP, and 8MP large format LED backlit PACS Monitors display solutions expand on these capabilities with higher resolution and a multi-head display configuration that eliminates gap between screens leading to a more efficient, uninterrupted line of vision from corner to corner of the medical review monitor. The Gemini Series of radiology LCD monitors comes complete with advanced auto-calibration technology and enables multi-modality imaging from a single radiology display, including breast imaging (Mammo and Tomo) on the 8MP.

The comprehensive software suite included with all of Double Black Imaging’s Radiology LCD monitors makes them easy to configure and manage through the network, ensuring that your display devices meet diagnostic radiology requirements. They also include a generous warranty and customer support policy. In addition, all of these Medical Grade monitors are also fully compliant with the DICOM 3.14 standard and each radiology computer monitor is FDA approved for use with Mammography and Tomography imaging monitors, specifically on the 5MP and 8MP radiology LCD options.

Included Calibration Software

All of Double Black Imaging’s PACS monitor display solutions are equipped with X-CAL or CFS Calibration software for remote calibration, conformance, report generation, and non-conformance alerts via the web. These monitors also include built-in front sensors for automatic DICOM 3.14 calibration, backlight sensors for time-tested stability, ambient light sensors. Additional workflow enhancement tools are included in the radiology imaging workstation, such as auto-dimming capability, image pinpointing, cursor wrap, and cursor genie functions that boost productivity and improve the user experience on these radiology monitors.

Because DICOM Calibration and Conformance for PACS monitors MUST be done from the front of the radiology LCD, this either requires a photometer for manual calibrations or built-in Front sensors. To ensure compliance, the DBI Calibration suite consists of both a local agent package and a network administrative package that is easily accessible via the web. Once paired with DBI displays, this combination enables remote calibration of each display to the DICOM gray scale display function (GSDF), easy monitoring of each display from a remote central location, automatic Email notifications sent when service is required, and total control of display settings, adjustments, and launching of calibrations/conformance remotely.

Warranties and Customer Support

Double Black Imaging and their Image Systems Division’s Radiology Monitors are protected by a comprehensive five-year warranty package that includes an advanced replacement program for emergency issues.

With our customer service line, staffed with operators who are knowledgeable of both the systems’ hardware and software, Double Black Imaging guarantees customer satisfaction.


Why Choose Double Black Imaging?

Double Black Imaging offers advanced technology, surpassing the standards of other industry providers, with an unparalleled reputation for customer service. We dedicate our efforts to discovering innovative imaging solutions from medical technology to ergonomic radiology workstation options that improve medical LCD monitor image quality and stability with the ultimate goals of making imaging more efficient and reducing healthcare costs.  Contact us today to learn more about the display devices for diagnostic radiology that we have to offer, from ergonomic radiology workstations and calibration software to radiology monitors for sale online.

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