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Ergonomic Workstations

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Making the World of Radiology More Efficient

The goal at Double Black Imaging is to make imaging as efficient as possible within the medical display market by providing superior products, whether that includes a comprehensive ergonomic workstation setup, NDT equipment, medical monitors, or the calibration software required for optimal performance.

Double Black Imaging is committed to reducing healthcare costs through the quality of the products we offer. We give each customer individualized service by listening and responding to their needs, gaining trust by exceeding customer expectations, respecting our environment, and supporting our charities. We seek vendors and partners who share our philosophies.

Why Have Ergonomic Workstations in a Healthcare Facility?

The answer is simple: productivity and efficiency. Every radiologist needs the best available tools to allow for an effective and efficient diagnosis, and it all starts with the quality and design of the Medical and Radiology workstations and desks. With products from Double Black Imaging, you can find customizable products that eliminate the pains that come with traditional workstations. Radiologists are invariably at their desks, creating the need for ergonomic workstations that include personal adjustable heights and NDT equipment compatibility. Anthro Carl’s Table provides 100 programmable presets for your preferred sitting and standing positions to make the workday more comfortable. As the flagship radiology workstation, you can have multiple displays, all of which can be moved up, down, forward, and back with the electric Monitor Control System.

In addition, Double Black Imaging Offers many other ergonomic solutions including the Erogotron Style View Sit-Stand Combo with Work Surface. This amazing product can be configured for single or dual monitors. Radiologists can benefit from the use of the Dual Head Keyboard and Wall Track Mount, which features a dual LCD mount on 55-inch wall track, along with a flip-up keyboard tray and a large CPU holder to make the work process more proficient. With the LX Dual Stacking Monitor Arm, monitors can be placed side by side or stacked, whichever is easier and more productive for the worker. LCD’s or laptops can be extended up to 25 inches with a range of extension of 18 inches. NDT equipment can be incorporated into the movability for easier access. Displays can be moved out of the way when not being used. Included with the product are two LCD arms and extensions, pole, desk clamp, and grommet mount, one notebook tray, notebook fastening kit in your choice of velcro, non-slip pad, or clips. Double Black Imaging offers an entire range of ergonomic desk setup products to make the world of radiology more productive every day!

Why Purchase Products from Double Black Imaging?

In the world of radiology, time is of the essence. A radiologist simply does not have the time to waste turning and adjusting resistant monitors. At Double Black Imaging, we pride ourselves on offering ergonomic desk setups and medical imaging technology that can enhance diagnostic capabilities by showing the full spectrum of image range and color in a convenient and compatible radiology workstation. The products are not only versatile but cost-effective as well and are invaluable to any healthcare facility. As one of the only companies to offer a one-stop shopping solution for furniture, medical monitors, NDT equipment, and calibration software, Double Black Imaging stands by every product. We offer installation, training, and demonstrations to help customers get the most out of their purchase.

Whether you purchase a radiology workstation or any of our other products, you are getting the best. Every radiologist needs the easy adjustability that our ergonomic desk setup will provide to stay productive throughout the day. For more information, contact the diagnostic imaging experts today.