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Double Black Imaging is an innovator in medical imaging solutions, including large format dental monitors & displays, backed by exceptional customer service and responsive technical assistance. With enhanced diagnostic capabilities that present the entire spectrum of the image shades and colors, our medical grade imaging equipment offers the observer consistent image perception with the blackest blacks and whitest whites.

At Double Black Imaging (DBI) we develop the calibration software that is used with our imaging equipment to ensure 100% compatibility and top performance. Radiologists around the world trust our imaging products to deliver consistently crisp and clear results. Reliable imaging is the cornerstone of efficient healthcare and can drive down medical costs by reducing errors due to unstable image generation. We have historically stood behind our medical display monitors as offering the highest value in cost for performance.

Benefits of DBI Dental Displays

The Double Black Imaging dental monitors and displays are fully cleanable, covered in a toughened glass and all cables are fully protected against moisture infiltration. For dental environments, this makes the DBI 17″ and 19″ color dental LCDs exceptional in resisting contamination. Digital technology has replaced analog displays as they offer many benefits to clinicians and patients, such as a reduced exposure to radiation doses. Other benefits of DBI’s LCD medical workstations for dental office imaging include:
• direct screen interaction and measurements
• ability to enhance the features of images
• immediate generation of images
• on-board storage for access to images
• produce duplicate images for patient referrals

DBI has capitalized on LCD technology by making dental & medical display monitors that are better and faster than previous technology. Our displays integrate powerful image processing with amazing image quality for a reliable, high performing screen at an affordable price. Overall, a DBI dental display is thinner and lighter than other manufacturers, which makes them easy to maneuver while performing multiple tasks.

Double Black Imaging Dental Displays

DBI offers both 17″ and 19″ dental monitors that are compatible with standard booms, wall, or cart mounts. You never have to worry about cleanliness, because they can be sanitized within the dental office. DBI displays boast superior dental imaging quality with support for up to 1080i. You can expect incredibly high levels of contrast and brightness for quick discernment of dental issues, and the response time is exceptionally fast when viewing live images of patients under care. Expect more detail and sharper images that allow practitioners to make quicker decisions.

Other features of the Double Black Imaging Dental Displays include:
• Full Screen 4:3 Aspect Ratio
• 5ms Response Time
• 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
• 450 cd/m2 for Brighter Luminance
• Wide Viewing Angles
• VESA Mounting
• Water Sealed Glass Front

Dental Monitors with Added Value

DBI dental displays feature a versatile design to give more operational flexibility to dentists and provides a stylish option that contributes to patient comfort. The medical workstation is fully sealed for cleanability and sanitizing with multiple connections for mounting, including the use of a VESA stand. Covered cables are integrated for easy management and all corners of the unit are rounded for safety.

When you need exceptionally fast, live viewing during patient consultations, the Double Black Imaging 17″ and 19″ Color Dental Monitors offer consistent image quality with automatic front sensor alignment each time the unit is operated. A variety of video inputs are supported including HDMI, VGA, and TV Coaxial to meet the needs of new and existing technology.

Contact us to learn more about our full line of Double Black Imaging medical display monitors for dental, surgical, and Point of Care services. We also offer full support with installation and training and can consult with your team on specific site considerations.

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