QA/QC Services for Health Imaging

Delivering the best patient care possible depends on maintaining all systems directly related to patient care, including imaging systems. Regardless of the manufacturer, an appropriate QA/QC health imaging record is vital for optimum performance. Double Black Imaging believes in providing this level of service for all imaging displays.

As such, the QA/QC health imaging team provides:

• A FREE proposal to overhaul your QA/QC issues: The team evaluates system performance, as determined by mammography and radiology requirements, to develop comprehensive suggestions for enhanced patient care.
• Onsite QA/QC health imaging services: From these recommendations, the QA/QC team travels to your healthcare facility to address any concerns and to perform necessary maintenance for mammography and radiology requirements.
• Thorough explanation and reports of test results: The team leaves each healthcare facility with detailed documentation for reference and maintenance purposes.
• Ongoing maintenance: The DBI technicians provide maintenance services that comply with all specifications, including those laid out in both DICOM 3.14 and TG-18.
• Proposals for all suggestions based on the individual healthcare facility’s specific requirements: The team determines customized solutions, ranging from maintenance to upgrade recommendations, and works within the parameters to suggest the services that will fit all of your needs from technology to budget.

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Investing in a solid record of quality assurance and quality control ensures advanced capabilities on all business fronts: quality records mitigate legal concerns through documented compliance, consistent maintenance efforts guarantee that you provide the highest quality of care for your patients, and regular testing leads to proactive measures for updates and improvements rather than reactive responses to errors. For more information on Double Black Imaging’s QA/QC health imaging services, or for a free proposal, please feel free to contact us.

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