Medical Monitor Installation & Training

Installing medical monitors and performing DICOM calibration requires adherence to strict standards and experience. Double Black Imaging’s fully-trained team of experts is equipped with the knowledge, training, and industry expertise to implement best-practice installations and DICOM calibrations. DBI support staff merges technical knowledge with cost-consideration and efficiency to streamline calibration software, ergonomics, or medical monitor installation projects. The DBI support staff provides on-site training, installation, and industry best practice tips that benefit your enterprise with the initial setup and ongoing equipment consideration.

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Installing medical imaging solutions is both an art and a science. It involves careful consideration of placement, calibration, ACR/DICOM Standards, and user preference to ensure adherence to industry standards and to optimize workflow. DBI’s comprehensive implementation process includes:

  • Arrive onsite, unpack all equipment, and ensure that all parts have been received.
  • Survey workspace and prepare displays to enhance workflow.
  • Prepare and mount all mountable equipment.
  • Configure each display with any CPU or Side color displays for optimal viewing
  • Install all drivers and video cards
  • Calibrate each medical monitor to the DICOM 3.14 standard and ensure ACR Compliance and reporting via the web
  • Install and configure the Radiologist Productivity toolkit



Providing training to the PACS IT team on DBI medical monitors, calibration software, and productivity tools enables the enterprise to better control, maintain, and tweak the medical imaging equipment to fit their ongoing needs.  Training is also critical for any personnel interacting with the equipment on a servicing level. Double Black Imaging’s calibration training classes incorporate industry best-practice methodologies to deliver experience and equipment-comfortability to staff. The calibration training classes leave the PACS/IT/Radiology Team with more confidence following medical monitor installation or PACS implementation, as well as the necessary information to contact our support team for any future customization.

At DBI, our team will:

  • Give staff step-by-step hands-on tutorials and training on driver and video card installation.
  • Configuration and set up both locally and remotely of X-CAL or CFS Calibration Software.
  • Provide supporting documents and information — both over-the-phone and remotely.
  • Provide staff with hard copy and soft copy manuals.
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