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The key to providing the best healthcare is understanding. Medical professionals strive to solve problems that have yet to be solved, to answer questions that there are no obvious answers to, and to see things that cannot be seen by the human eye. They seek the ability to understand each patient and their particular situation in the hope of finding a way to heal.

Intuitively, the biggest challenge to healthcare providers is the inability to see what is happening inside the patient. The evolution of point of care technology hospital & imaging equipment has given them better ways to observe their patients. This technology has advanced past traditional x-rays, and Double Black Imaging strives to make the technology better and even more effective.

Monitoring patients at the point of care is another challenge for healthcare providers. Easy to read, accurate medical imaging monitors and equipment enables the staff to pay attention to what matters most, the patient. Our roster of point of care displays can ensure that a medical staff will have the right information readily available when it matters most.

Keeping up with the latest medical technology can be a daunting task. Let us walk you through a few models and point out the most important features and why they will help your facility.

Image Systems 19″ Color Patient Monitoring Display

This monitor utilizes ‘plug and play’ technology, which aims to decrease errors in the medical environment through better inter-machine communication. This innovative point of care technology allows for a quick setup with little to no downtime in monitoring the patient, providing a potentially lifesaving feature. In America, the number of preventable deaths caused by medical errors ranges from 98,000-195,000. This technology seeks to decrease that number through better communication brought on by better technology.

These 19″ LCD hospital monitor screens also offer upgrades such as embedded protective shields and touch screens. It is also designed to be compatible with most existing hospital equipment and has integrated speakers.

The Importance of Imaging and Point of Care Technology

Imaging is a non-invasive way to see what is happening inside of the body. It causes most patients very little, if any, stress. This leads to a better patient experience and a clearer view of the patient’s issues.

Quality imaging can lead to early diagnosis and a better overall prognosis. This gives the patient a better chance for recovery than they would have if the diagnosis was delayed. Early detection also leads to lower healthcare costs and recovery time. This reduces the cost for both the hospital and the patient.

Point of Care Technology is a broad term that encompasses a variety of technologies. Its various applications aid in everything from oncology to dentistry. Medical teams use imaging as another tool to aid in the pursuit of the best possible care. Medical imaging monitors that provide clear, high definition, images can be the difference between pain and relief, between life and death. At Double Black Imaging, we are committed to providing medical facilities with the best equipment to diagnose and monitor patient abnormalities and disease. We are always striving to make our products and processes better for the good of the patient and for the hospital.

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