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Patient Care Display Screens


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The key to providing the best healthcare is understanding. Medical professionals strive to solve problems that have yet to be solved, to answer questions that there are no obvious answers to, and to see things that cannot be seen by the human eye. They seek the ability to understand each patient and his or her situation in hopes of finding a way to heal.

Intuitively, the biggest challenge to healthcare providers is the inability to see what is happening inside the patient. The evolution of Medical LCD Screens for Hospital Monitors and imaging equipment has made patient monitoring more efficient.

Our line of Patient Care Display Screens and other medical imaging monitors ensures that the care team has the right information readily available when it matters most.

Image Systems 15″ and 19″ Color Patient Monitoring Display

Double Black Imaging offers three medically certified plug and play point of care technology LCDs that are specifically designed to meet evolving patient needs in a fast-paced medical environment. These display solutions can be customized with a number of features, such as embedded protective shields or touch screens.

Double Black Imaging’s patient monitor solution is also a cost effective upgrade to existing OEM hospital monitor screens, Patient Monitoring, and Modality systems.  We understand that replacing or upgrading LCDs and CRTs in medical environments can often be challenging and confusing for many end users. The DBI experts are available to consult and design the perfect solution to meet your patient and department needs. In addition, these displays are backed by best-in-class service and support.

Key features of Double Black Imaging’s Point of Care Displays include:

  • • 15” and 19” Medical imaging monitors with touch screen capability
  • • 1280×1024, fully supports 1024 × 512 resolutions
  • • Medically certified, UL/CSA 60950-1, UL/CSA 60601-1, CE, FCC-B
  • • Integrated speakers
  • • VGA and DVI Compatibility allows for a cost-effective upgrade solution

At Double Black Imaging, we are dedicated to developing innovative imaging solutions and Point of Care Technology that greatly improves image quality and stability. Making imaging more efficient to reduce healthcare costs is what DBI stands for.