Medical Imaging Tradeshows

For decades, annual meetings and tradeshows have shaped the way continuing education is achieved, ideas are shared, networks are grown, innovations are brought to market and technology advancements have been demonstrated.  Please check out our virtual booth by clicking here!

Medical imaging has evolved and continues to evolve as healthcare professionals make new discoveries. Because we work in a an ever-changing field, it is valuable to attend tradeshows for imaging informatics. Sharing the innovations and research across a multi-disciplinary community enables further advancement with strategies that contribute to technological initiatives for improvements in healthcare quality and efficiency.

The gathering of different types of innovators in one setting is a recipe for growth, as educators and entrepreneurs share ideas and empower each other to reach new heights in the medical imaging industry. Whether you are a vendor, a scientist, or a radiologist, the information you can gain from attending one of these medical imaging tradeshows can open your eyes to new possibilities. With insights on the comprehensive workflows of the healthcare industry, including image acquisition, machine learning, and information security, the potential to make a truly groundbreaking advancement is not only possible but probable.

Take advantage of this opportunity and join the Double Black Imaging team at our next tradeshow. We plan to share details on how our medical monitors, calibration software, and ergonomic workstations enhance the radiologist’s abilities to interpret medical imaging, to maximize time spent engaging with the displays, and to synthesize the data for streamlined, successful diagnosis. We can’t wait to share our findings with you and we invite you to test out our products for a hands-on evaluation so you can see just how much Double Black Imaging can elevate your diagnostic capabilities. Our expert staff of medical imaging technicians welcomes your questions so we can offer insights on digital imaging and communications in medicine.

Virtual Meetings
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Following this tradeshow, we will continue our journey to share the potential for medical advancement through diagnostic imaging with more tradeshows over the course of the year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network with fellow innovators and to learn and develop new strategies for your own healthcare advancements!