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Double Black Imaging announces debut of their X-CAL®Web Calibration Suite

November 28, 2010

X-Cal Web allows for both complete front DICOM calibration and QA of DBI LCDs as well as the ability to track and manage calibrations for non-DB LCDs.

DICOM Calibration and Conformance MUST be done from the front of the LCD.  This either requires a photometer for manual calibrations or built in Front sensors.

DBI LCDs are equipped with 4 built in sensors for complete DICOM Calibration and conformance.

* (2) Sensors in the retractable front sensor or fixed sensor in the 5MP/10MP
* (1) Ambient light front sensor
* (1) backlight sensor

X-Cal consists of two components, a local agent package and a network administrative package that is now easily accessible via the web.

Paired together with DBI displays, this software and hardware combination allows:

* Remote calibration of each display to the DICOM gray scale display function (GSDF)
* Easy monitoring of each display from a remote central location
* Automatic Email notifications sent when service is required
* Total control of display settings, adjustments and launching of calibrations/conformance remotely
Other functions X-Cal offers include:

* Ability to track calibrations, hours and receive reminder alerts for non-DBI LCDs
* Scheduling of automatic calibration and conformance tests
* Immediate access to both table formatted and graphical results
* Automatic receipt of TG-18 visual tests for MQSA Compliance
* Allows for compensation of ambient light, luminance and other workstation settings
* The user may view and save historical data on white level, black level, calibration and conformance test for JCAHO/MQSA and other medical certifications
* Workstation system performance information

Double Black Imaging’s X-CAL®Calibration suite is available for use on all DBI self-calibrating LCDs including their NEW 10MP LCD for Digital Mammography and PACS.

About Double Black Imaging

Double Black Imaging develops proprietary calibration software to bundle with self-calibrating WIDE LCD systems, graphic controllers and DICOMetrix PACS Dashboard software.  DBI is dedicated to developing unique, innovative imaging solutions and PACS Components that make imaging more efficient.

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