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Double Black Imaging announces X-Series LCD line, X-CAL®Web Calibration Suite at SIIM 2011

June 01, 2011

Double Black Imaging will be showcasing their new X-Series LCD line along with their X-CAL web calibration suite at SIIM 2011 in Washington DC.  They will also be highlighting their surgical and clinical LCD line and DICOMetrix PACS dashboard software.

DBI’s X-CAL Calibration Suite:

X-Cal Web allows for complete front DICOM calibration and QA of DBI LCDs as well as the ability to track and manage calibrations for non-DBI LCDs. DICOM Calibration and Conformance MUST be done from the front of the LCD.  This either requires a photometer for manual calibrations or built in Front sensors.
X-Cal consists of two components, a local agent package and a network administrative package that is now easily accessible via the web.

Paired together with DBI displays, this software and hardware combination allows:
•    Remote calibration of each display to the DICOM gray scale display function (GSDF)
•    Easy monitoring of each display from a remote central location
•    Automatic Email notifications sent when service is required
•    Total control of display settings, adjustments and launching of calibrations/conformance remotely

Other functions X-Cal offers include:
•    Ability to track calibrations, hours and receive reminder alerts for non-DBI LCDs
•    Scheduling of automatic calibration and conformance tests
•    Immediate access to both table formatted and graphical results
•    Automatic receipt of TG-18 visual tests for MQSA Compliance
•    Allows for compensation of ambient light, luminance and other workstation settings
•    The user may view and save historical data on white level, black level, calibration and conformance test for JCAHO/MQSA and other medical certifications
•    Workstation system performance information
DBI’s X-Series Self-Calibrating LCDs:
New 10MP For Digital Mammo and PACS, New 5MP Monochrome, New 3MP High-Bright Color, New 3MP Monochrome, New 2MP High-Bright Color & New 2MP Monochrome.
•    Digital Uniformity Control
•    True DICOM Self-Calibration via Front sensors and backlight sensor for Luminance
•    Bonded Protective Panels
•    The BEST Warranty & Service program in the industry
•    UPGRADED X-CAL®Calibration Software Suite: DBI’s Local & Remote Administrative DICOM Self-Calibration and QA Software – NOW INCLUDED with Every LCD Bundle
20.1″ and 24″ 2MP Clinical Color LCDs:

The rise of digital imaging technology has quickly changed the way in which patient data is used and distributed within hospitals. Medical images, enriched with patient information, are being shared and reviewed beyond radiology department, becoming available in every hospital department.

DBI’s clinical review monitors are specially designed for versatile clinical healthcare applications in this hospital-wide network of electronic medical records.  Outperforming their commercial counterparts, these LCDs have higher brightness levels, better contrast ratios, backlight sensors for stable luminance control and meet all DICOM 3.14 standards.  Backed by an industry leading warranty and service program, the DBI Clinical LCD line is the perfect fit for all your clinical imaging requirements.
•    •  •  Ultra high brightness and contrast ratios
•    DICOM Compliant out of the box
•    Perfect for Clinical and Modality Imaging applications
•    Digital and analog inputs for a variety of uses
•    Aggressively priced with the industry’s best warranty & service

19, 24, 42″ Surgical Displays:

Double Black Imaging’s line of 19″, 24″ and 42″ splash proof surgical LCDs provide superior solutions that meet and exceed all stringent surgical imaging requirements.  With full HD resolution, ultra high brightness and contrast, they are the monitors of choice for the OR and ER.  They deliver bold, vibrant images even when viewed from a distance.  The DBI Surgical LCD line supports a wide variety of video inputs for existing and new camera technologies and eliminates costly signal conversion, image degradation, and image lag.  They feature the exceptionally fast response time necessary when viewing live video or motion as well as the versatility to view images in picture in picture or picture by picture format.
•    IP43 Rated – splashproof
•    Versatile inputs compatible with new and legacy systems
•    Bonded protective panels with sealed controls
•    Can be sanitized in OR environment
•    Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture compatible
•    Full HD resolution
•    Ultra high brightness and contrast
•    Boom, wall and cart mount compatibility
•    Aggressively priced with the industry’s best warranty & service

PACS Performance Monitoring software that measures DICOM Images Per Second (IPS) or Images Per Minute (IPM) as well as general network traffic.

There are 3 levels that comprise the DICOMetrix Software Suite:
•    DICOMetrix Client monitors the workstation level (Rad station, CD Burner, Rimage, Film scanners, etc..) and gives real-time speed of the images coming into that station.
•    DICOMetrix Server resides on the DICOM Server and monitors IPs sending into this server, as well as outgoing traffic.
•    DICOMetrix Enterprise Server monitors all clients and servers in one easy to access location. After base-lining the system, it also allows alerts to be set and notifications sent if speed levels drop below the set tolerance.

About Double Black Imaging
Double Black Imaging develops proprietary calibration software to bundle with self-calibrating WIDE LCD systems, graphic controllers and DICOMetrix PACS Dashboard software.  DBI is dedicated to developing unique, innovative imaging solutions and PACS Components that make imaging more efficient.

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