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Double Black Imaging shows new, sleeker LED line including 5MP Color LED for Multi-Modality Imaging

November 25, 2015

Double Black Imaging shows new, sleeker LED line including 5MP Color LED for Multi-Modality Imaging

RSNA 2015-For Immediate release.

Double Black Imaging is exhibiting a full line of sleeker LED systems with higher brightness and higher contrast ratios. This includes a new 5MP Color LED display for multi-modality imaging at the 101th RSNA. This high bright color LED system is designed to meet the ever changing demands in the reading room allowing for multi-modality reads including Mammography.

The DBICX50-LED joins their full line of LED Auto-calibrating with X-CAL®Calibration software. The N-Series LED backlit LCD line consists of a 2MP Monochrome and High-Bright Color, a 3MP Monochrome and High-Bright Color, 6MP High-Bright Color, a 5MP Monochrome and 5MP Color LED backlit display for Mammography. This line features higher brightness levels on each LCD, Digital uniformity Control, a sleeker, thinner design, 14-Bit processing, a fixed front sensor for ongoing DICOM calibration, a backlight sensor for luminance control and Display Port connectivity. DBI bundles these LCDs with a high speed graphic controller as well as X-CAL®calibration software.

Double Black Imaging also carries a full line of Clinical displays, Surgical displays and DICOMetrix PACS Performance Dashboard software. The X-CAL®Web Calibration suite Includes Remote calibration ability via built in front sensors, comprehensive reporting available locally and remotely, email alerts for non-conformance, QA/QC visual patterns and ability to manage/launch calibrations/tests/reports for a network of displays remotely.

DBI is dedicated to developing unique, innovative imaging solutions that make imaging more efficient.

For more information, contact Double Black Imaging at 877-852-2870 or Visit RSNA booth #3317

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