3D Imaging

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DBI is providing AZE’s FDA Approved VirtualPlace software for ensuring superior operability with rapid image processing and ease-of-use for 2D and 3D imaging. Large, thin-slice CT and MR Scans are quickly loaded with user-friendly tools into an intuitive screen.


Patented in the United States and Japan, PRISMA is AZE’s proprietary imaging – generating technology. Soft-tissue and wall-structure details are visualized precisely and rapidly, as if it were an actual observation or an anatomical chart.VirtualPlace is recognized for its wide variety of application options: CT/MRI brain perfusion, Myocardial perfusion, Fusion, Subtraction, Lung analysis, CT/MRI Cardiac analysis (EF), CT/MRI Coronary analysis, MRI Flow analysis, MRI Delayed Enhanced, Liver analysis, Colon analysis, 4D analysis, Calcium scoring, Fat measurement, PET Viewer, Dental analysis, etc.

Installed in over 950 sites, VirtualPlace GUI and functional tools have been enhanced and improved by user feedback and needs.

Standard features provide powerful visualization tools that are integrated into your radiology workflow.

Product Sheet


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