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It is critical that radiology displays present accurate and consistent images. Image Systems provides calibration solutions to ensure DICOM Part 3.14 compliance when using our display solutions. Double Black Imaging’s CFS™ is the Calibration Feedback System you need to ensure your displays are calibrated properly.




CFS™ WebManager enables centralized remote monitoring of enterprise wide deployed monitors via a web browser.  Detailed information about a monitor’s status can be viewed, administrators are notified with e-mail alerts of non-conformance, ability to set up an enterprise wide QC schedule, and displays can be re-calibrated from a remote administrator’s location.  Verifiable record of scheduled QC tests and compliance can be auto generated in Fleet Reports and Log files


The CFS™ software is used with the integrated luminance sensors to provide hands-free, front-of-screen DICOM calibration and compliance testing. A built-in scheduler can initiate the QC testing to occur on off-hours. A summary report is generated providing a verifiable record of compliance testing. Eliminates or reduces the need for technicians to take manual measurements.


CFS™ software can be used with a precise, handheld luminance meter (puck) to provide  front-of-screen DICOM calibration and compliance tests per the procedures described in the ACR/NEMA DICOM standard. A custom Lookup Table can be generated and uploaded to the monitor or the graphics card to ensure DICOM compliance.

CFS Calibration Feedback System

Calibrating radiology display monitors is vital to being able to clearly see and properly diagnose patients’ health problems, but maintaining exact calibration is a time consuming and often neglected task. With Double Black Imaging’s CFS™ Calibration Feedback System, you can ensure your DBI grayscale displays are calibrated to DICOM Part 3.14 standards. DBI color monitors can use the Color Point Calibration system to ensure an accurate picture.

There are three parts to the CFS™ suite of problem-solving display calibration software:

CFS™ WebManager

With CFS™ WebManager, you can remotely monitor each display in your enterprise, even in different office locations, via the web. View detailed information about each monitor’s status, including temperature, and receive automated email messages when a display has come out of conformance. You can also set up regular QC schedules and, if needed, remotely re-calibrate a single display. Use this display calibration software to easily comply with medical standards by keeping verified logs of your QC tests and automatically generate regular reports in either Fleet Reports or your log files.

In addition, CFS™ was the first calibration software to let you use a mobile device to access and receive status updates from any monitor in your network. Instantly recalibrate any display that’s not in compliance, wherever you are.

CFS™ Local with Hands-Free Support

CFS™ Local allows front-of-screen DICOM calibration using each DBI monitor’s built-in front sensors. Schedule QC testing when the display will not be in use and issue needed compliance reports as outlined by DICOM and AAPM TG18 standards. With CFS™ Local, you don’t have to manually calibrate, saving your technicians time and money.

CFS™ with Puck Support

Sometimes you need to be able to run manual calibrations using a handheld luminance meter or puck. CFS™ can even make this job easier by helping you calibrate to exacting DICOM standards. Generate a custom Lookup Table that can be uploaded to the workstation that ensures you stay in compliance.

In conjunction with DBI’s high-quality medical displays, the CFS™ Calibration Feedback System helps your office stay in compliance and receive accurate, high-quality images from the monitors you rely on.

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