Custom Ergonomic Home Reading Desks

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Designed with teleradiology in mind, increase ergonomics and productivity with our Ergonomic Home Reading workstation bundles.

Rapidly improving technology allows many professionals to perform their duties from a well-equipped office outside of the traditional medical setting. Radiologists now have the option to create a workstation personalized to their needs for regular work from home or when on call. With teleradiology, it is especially important to incorporate high-end, medical-quality displays and high-performance CPUs with an ergonomic work space that promotes both comfort and productivity.

To save radiology professionals time and effort in setting up their own ergonomic home reading workstations, Double Black Imaging has assembled every piece that's needed for an ergonomic solution outside of the hospital or medical clinic. Because every user is different, a sit-to-stand desk permits sitting, standing, or reclining settings for an ergonomic chair with positions that can be quickly and easily altered as needed with a simple button push. Users who spend long hours at their workstations can minimize injury from repetitive movements and static positions by utilizing these options on either a 60-inch, 72-inch, or corner sit-to-stand desk.


With an increasing number of studies showing the health benefits associated with sit to stand desks, Double Black Imaging is focusing on personalizing solutions for teleradiology.  Double Black Imaging is able to provide a comprehensive radiologist reading desk and workstation by combining our high-quality displays, CPUs, desks, and space planning.  DBI enhances the ergonomic experience by ensuring the radiologist with the correct reading desk, allowing the individual to sit, stand, or recline with the push of a button.  Other ergonomic solutions from DBI include sit-stand desk conversions, monitor mounts, sound blocking technology, small carts, additional chair options, and more.

Along with the ergonomic desk, DBI has put together a bundle that includes a CPU holder, built-in power outlets with both A/C plugs and USB ports, as well as a 12-outlet power bar, casters, cable management, and monitor arms that will support up to two 3MP monitors and one standard display. DBI can also help customize any workstation with large format display options, as well as with the addition of small carts, sitting and reclining ergonomic chair options, monitor mounts, and sound blocking technology.

Each Bundle includes:

  • Sit to Stand Desk (60″, 72″ or Corner)
  • Casters
  • Cable Management Tray
  • CPU Holder
  • Desktop Power (2 USB Ports and 2 A/C Plugs)
  • Mnoitor arms to support (2) 3MP Monitors and One Standard Monitor  (Large format display options available)
  • 12-Outlet Power Bar

With the right ergonomic home reading workstation, radiologists can maintain the correct height and position of their monitors, whether in a sitting or standing position. Without the need to spend several minutes adjusting the desk to accommodate a change in posture, medical imaging professionals can use this radiologist reading desk to establish an efficient workflow, getting more done from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.