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With an increasing number of studies showing the health benefits associated with sit to stand desks, a comfortable ergonomic workstation for a Radiologist is a must. The CT19 is a complete workstation solution providing the highest level of comfort and convenience. This user-friendly radiology desk enhances diagnostic capabilities by allowing an individual to sit, stand, or recline with the push of a button. Eye strain reduction, ambient noise absorption, and comfortable air circulation are a few of the features DBI offers to customize the perfect CT19 desk for each Radiologist.



Programmable Ergonomic Position Controls

The CT19 (previously known as the Carl’s table) allows each individual to adjust the entire workstation to their own preferences. With the touch of a button, the table moves this ergonomic workstation to a comfortable height whether sitting or standing. It also allows the user to independently adjust the height and tilt of the screens.

Ambient Lighting System

Eye strain can decrease productivity and become a major obstacle in the radiology reading room. The CT19 enables the user to create the perfect reading environment with built in dimmable task and desk backlights.

Double Black Imaging will partner with you for an individualized consultation to customize an ergonomic workstation solution that will improve health and increase productivity in the reading room. Other ergonomic solutions from DBI include sit-stand desk conversions, Verte chairs, monitor mounts, sound blocking technology, small carts, and more. Double Black Imaging is able to provide a comprehensive workstation by combining our high-quality displays, CPUs, desks, and space planning.

Contact us at Double Black Imaging for more details about our CT19 or other radiology desk solutions!

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