Anthro Carl’s Table

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Anthro Carl’s Table

When your technicians spend most of their days looking at radiological images, a comfortable ergonomic workstation is a must. At Double Black Imaging, we are pleased to offer Anthro Carl’s table, a complete work environment that provides your employees with comfort and convenience. In addition to the practical benefits of this flexible radiology desk, the ease of use enhances diagnostic capabilities by allowing your team to focus on the screens rather than adjusting their seats.



Carl’s Table, Anthro’s flagship radiology desk. Program your preferred sitting and standing positions (there are 100 programmable presets!). The electric Monitor Control System moves the entire bank of (up to four) displays up and down, forward and back.

Programmable Ergonomic Position Controls

Your employees are unique individuals who work best in their own ways. Some may prefer to sit down for comfort, while others may feel more productive while standing.

The Anthro Carl’s table allows each person to adjust the entire workstation to their own preferences. With the touch of a button, the table moves the four monitor system to a comfortable height for their size whether they are sitting or standing. It also allows them to adjust the tilt of the screens.

They can then save these positions using the Monitor Control Systems. The next time they are scheduled to use the ergonomic workstation, all they need do is press a button to automatically move the table into position.

Ambient Lighting System

While reviewing radiological imaging, the clearest pictures are viewable with the lights either off or dimmed. However, viewing a bright screen in a dark room can cause eye strain, making your employees’ eyes tired and unable to fully focus as the day goes on.

Anthro Carl’s table fixes the problem of eye strain thanks to its ambient lighting system. This system detects the differences between the monitor screens and the light in the room. Then, it makes adjustments to find the ideal contrast between the two so that the lights from the screens are easier to view for longer periods of time.

With its programmable controls and unique features for reducing fatigue and eye strain, this radiology desk makes working long hours in the lab more comfortable for your employees. Contact us at Double Black Imaging for more details about Anthro Carl’s table and to discuss how this ergonomic workstation fits into your radiology department.

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Anthro CT15 Specifications Sheet PDF :2.00 Mb