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Carl's Table Replacement Mouse Pad

Over time, parts on ergonomic workstations can show signs of wear and tear. This is especially the case with soft materials like the Carl's table’s mouse pad. Designed for comfort and ease of use, the Carl's table radiology desk can absorb much of the day-to-day wear associated with moving it from a sitting to standing position, but the ergonomic mouse pad that cushions users' wrists and hands may need to be changed out well before any other parts need service or replacement.

The large supportive surface of the replacement mouse pad covers the entire front of the Carl's table work area to make it function well for both right- and left-handed users and in a variety of positions for the keyboard and mouse. The custom full desk mouse pad covers an area of the desk that can be adjusted or tilted to meet the user's needs, and the CT surface pad is specifically designed to match the contour of the keyboard space on all generations of the Carl’s Table: CT03, CT08, CT12 and CT15. Just as Carl's table radiology workstations are designed to allow more than 100 configurations that allow maximum comfort and convenience for all users, this Carl's Table mouse pad can be incorporated if a new, fresh CT surface is preferred.

The Carl’s table replacement mouse pad is resistant to liquids in case of water bottle or coffee drips. It can be adhered directly to the desk using special materials to ensure a longevity free of slippage. Once in place, these CT pads are not designed to move or be adjusted. DBI technicians are available to answer your questions about replacement, or to assist you with removing your existing CT pads and replacing them with new ones.

If you need help determining whether this replacement keyboard and custom full desk mouse pad will work on your model of Carl's table, or if you have questions about Carl's tables and other ergonomic workstation options, please fill out DBI's online form or call 1-877-852-2870.




Replacement Mouse Pad for your existing Carl’s Table, works on all models (CT0, CT03, CT08, CT12, CT15)