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Custom Workstation & Ergonomic Furniture Offerings

Repetitive movements and uncomfortable sitting or standing positions can lead to a lack of productivity in the short term, and ongoing health issues in the long term. Due to hours spent hovering over a medical display or several displays while analyzing and interpreting medical images, PACS station desks and other radiology desks need to be adjustable for users to avoid complications from a non-ergonomic work environment. To ensure efficiency and comfort, custom reading workstations with ergonomic furniture that can be easily adjusted for each user’s requirements are a must for any hospital or medical clinic that employs a radiology team.

Adjustable Radiology Workstation

The base for all ergonomic workstations is a sit-to-stand desk that can be adjusted for a variety of sitting, standing, and reclining positions. To save time, changes to radiology desk position should be possible with the touch of a button. Double Black Imaging's experience with space-planning and ergonomic work environments ensure that they begin each radiology and PACS workstation desk with this important and easy-to-adjust base that can be fit to each user.

SKU: EA 475DG-1


Other components of the ideal radiology reading workstation will depend very much on typical use patterns, equipment, and user preferences. The technicians at Double Black Imaging will map out your requirements for your custom workstation and ergonomic furniture needs to make the setup of your radiology desks, even PACS workstation desks, more than usable with a variety of ergonomic solutions:

  • • CPU holders that protect each unit and allow air to circulate properly
  • • Monitor arms that can securely hold medical displays and keep them at proper ergonomic height
  • • Sound blocking technology to permit users more focus on their work
  • • Convenient power options that include A/C outlets and USB ports
  • • Chair options for increased comfort
  • • Small carts that permit the quick inclusion or removal of additional monitors or other equipment
  • • Cable management for simplicity and to keep the work area uncluttered
  • • Casters for ease of movement

DBI can also assist with incorporating the correct medical displays for the application or lighting options which can help prevent eye strain. Calibration options ensure that each display will stay consistent over time with the correct grayscale or color output.

Contact the diagnostic imaging experts to learn more about DBI’s custom workstation and ergonomic furniture offerings.