Sit & Stand Station

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The Sit & Stand Station family of advanced sit/stand furniture keeps you comfortable and productive all day long. Advanced tables lift 325 lbs. with a height range of 23”-49”, even more in the dual-surface variety! The Sit & Stand Bench for Imaging was developed in partnership with radiologists nationwide to meet their specific ergonomic needs. The table’s Monitor Easy Track moves the entire bank of monitors forward and back 10″ to reach your optimal focal depth and help reduce eye strain.



Advanced and Essential

Steve’s Sit & Stand Station is a roomy, feature-rich radiology desk that has been designed to incorporate important traits from generations spanning back over 15 years. These forward compatible workstations ensure that even when you update your equipment, you can easily and quickly update your desks. They come compete with Sit/Stand adjustability, Monitor Easy Track, and convenient Cable Management System.

Available in two different sizes and two color choices, DBI can help you customize the perfect solution for your room and equipment.

Product Downloads

Steve’s Station Advanced Brochure


Steve’s Station Essential Brochure