LumiCal Agent & Administrator

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Calibration Software

This calibration software product used for LCD calibration and has the ability to maintain and administer many displays on a given network. Display calibration is required so that all displays have consistent image quality throughout the entire enterprise. A network monitoring function is required to identify the status or problems of the displays at any workstation. This function also insures that the displays are properly calibrated and maintained.



Support for single or multiple display systems Calibration functions for Grayscale displays

  • DICOM Part 14 Compliant
  • Calibration
  • Conformance Test
  • Back light Control
  • TG18 QC Testing


LumiCal monitors user inputted data and
executes calibrations to maintain or adjust the display
output among all display systems.

  • Automatic calibration and conformance tests
  • Graphical results
  • Table formatted reporting of data
  • Schedule intervals between auto-calibrations
  • Compensate for ambient light
  • Adjust luminance and other workstation settings
  • View and save historical data on white level, black level, calibration and conformance test for JCAHO/medical trace ability

Network Administration function

  • Simultaneous calibration and conformance
  • Display controller(s) information
  • LCD panel(s) information
  • Common settings for system in the network
  • Reporting function
  • Alarm functions (error watch and send Email)
  • Temperature information
  • Security controls
  • Scheduling administration