VeriLUM Calibration Software

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VeriLUM® is a tool for ensuring consistent video display performance. Its goal is to make it easy and efficient to judge when a video display system is continuing to function normally or is in need of adjustment or replacement. VeriLUM® can be used for acceptance testing of a video display, tracking consistent video display performance over time, or performing gamma correction in conformance with the DICOM® Part 14 Grayscale Standard Display Function or any other user-defined luminance response model.



Medical professionals often rely on images to provide their patients with a diagnosis so that a doctor can prescribe proper treatment. To ensure your monitor is displaying the most accurate images possible, you’ll need a reliable video monitor calibration tool and calibration software for making corrections. VeriLUM is the most dependable program available for imaging devices of all types, and Double Black Imaging has the quality product for your medical facility.

What Does VeriLUM Offer?

With the many options of calibration software out there, finding the proper video monitor calibration tool is easy as VeriLUM stands out as one of the best. Here’s why:

Luminance Testing – VeriLUM displays patterns of luminance uniformity, geometric linearity, and focus so proper adjustments can be made. It also collects information on greyscale luminance and chromaticity to test the display’s performance continually. So you know your equipment is working, and you’re getting accurate images every time.

Gamma Corrections – Gamma correction is easy to perform, as needed, to meet DICOM standard display functions. VeriLUM’s software will adjust gamma based on measurements it collects for a proper image interpretation.

Adjusting Color Temperature – The software will guide you through the process of color management and screen calibration for optimal color temperature levels based on your needs. This gives you time to focus on other more important parts of the job.

Ease of Use – Initial set up for the software program is simple. VeriLUM guides you through the setup to ensure accuracy when calibrating display monitors. When calls for different types of images come to your desk, this software will help you easily adjust the settings to match the needs of each project order.

Why VeriLUM?

Digital imaging and communications in Medicine, or DICOM, is the standard for medical-related data derived from radiological imaging machines. VeriLUM meets this standard for both monochrome and color displays of LCD and CRT monitors, making it possible to exchange images and data between different image-processing devices. This video monito calibration tool is compatible with many workstations and will work with any Windows operating system.

Why put a patient’s health at risk by using sub-standard software for calibrating your display? A reliable program, like VeriLUM from Double Black Imaging, will continually monitor your systems, so you’re always getting the most accurate images possible for proper diagnosis and treatment of a patient. Check us out for other medical calibration software products that can make your devices more productive in the healthcare industry or contact the medical display experts for more information.